Stargazer Embroidery

Quality Embroidery, Custom Patches, Screen Printing, Biker Apparel, Basic Sewing,
Vinyl and Heat Transfers 

Payment Policy:

  Stargazer Embroidery accepts payment via check, credit card, or debit card. All accounts will have a 50% deposit and  will begin processing each order immediately upon verification of the deposit has been received. All NSF checks will be  charged $35.00 per each bounce that occurs.


  Proofs shall be submitted with the original copy by email. Corrections are to be made by email stating approved or  with the indicated changes. If revised proofs are desired, the request must be made when the proofs are emailed.  Stargazer Embroidery regrets any errors if the work is printed per customers approval or if changes are communicated  verbally, however, Stargazer Embroidery shall not be responsible for the errors if the customer has not ordered or has refused to  accept proofs or has failed to return proofs with the indication of changes or has instructed Stargazer Embroidery to  proceed with out submission of proofs.

 Guarantee/ Refund Policy:

  Stargazer Embroidery goes to great lengths to ensure that all orders are accurate, on time, and of the highest quality.  Should there be an error on our part, i.e. typos, wrong items ordered, print in the wrong location, or any other error  that occurred after the customers final approval, then we will replacement items at no extra cost to the customer. If  the blank item itself is materially flawed or defected, i.e. Rips, tears, holes, or damaged in any fashion before  becoming customers possession, we will reship replacement items at no extra to the customer.

 If, however, any  of the above issues are present on the customer approved proof, they will no longer be the  responsibility of Stargazer Embroidery and will not be replaced at no extra cost. All claims must be made within 5 days  of receipt of goods. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization.

Order Cancellation:

  In the case of an order cancellation, if Stargazer Embroidery has already commenced working on the order, then they  shall be entitled to full reimbursement for any costs already incurred, including penalties, or restocking charges that  seller/suppliers may charge them.